Warren Buffet : Dedication and Concentration

Warren BuffetAuthor Alice Schroeder mentioned instead of a story that aptly describes the nature of personality Warren Buffet, when a friend of Warren Buffet was in the room of Mrs. Graham and was shocked to say the buffet a Picasso in the bathroom. Buffet told her he had seen there was shampoo in the room. Other stories deal with the power players such as Bill Gates and Akio Morita, in fact, Bill Gates still considered a soulmate of Warren Buffet. Warren Buffet  Dedication and Concentration.

Right book at the right time

The book The Snowball: Warren Buffett could not and the Business of Life arrived in the publication of the industry at a better time. His prediction that the derivatives were weapons of mass destruction was the Big Bang and the most accurate prediction (prophecy, we must say) the global economic collapse. He was already on the dangers of government intervention and rescue of distressed banks by financial institutions.

Not a perfect book

The book is not without problems. The first point is that an authorized biography (you can not expect anything sensational) and the second is the length of the book – it’s just too long (but so is the life of Warren Buffet and his illustrious career). Despite these negative, is take the book and you will be forced to set aside some time for the book.The author of the book is a financial analyst Alice Schroeder, a self, so they know what they’re talking, as she writes the book.

Inner Business

The book The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life focuses on internal business processes going on in the brains of Warren Buffet. The basic principle is followed by Warren Buffet, the inner game of his scorecard, rather than to go to the gallery. Other Wall Street tycoons are violated when something went wrong for them, Warren Buffet is different and not fall prey to the trappings of wealth, even if he did all the money in the world. Even if he bought a private jet, he called the indefensible, which aptly describes the feeling that he is doing if he could go to buy. He is naive and proud (and intentionally) so. He eats Cherry Coke, hamburgers and fries. to invest his money rules are very simple, it avoids debt, and will remain on the market long-term investments.

Why only one Warren Buffett?

You may ask if this stuff is so simple, why is there only one Warren Buffet. The answer is – become Warren Buffet, you’re fiercely independent in spirit, and not be able to keep that mood all the time. He does not participate in the dot com boom because he does not understand how these companies have their business. Now we all know the hand that he was right.

Anyone can Stick to Basics

Surely someone could do that (at the basic stick), so why is there only one Warren Buffett? The answer is that the independence of a firm that other investors’ denies. It’s not that easy for economists to convince all the time. A group of economists came up with the efficient market hypothesis and they said, in theory, would Warren Buffet do not just exist. Their central belief was that individual investors can not consistently beat the market. The theory was modified when Buffet noted his eight other colleagues were doing equally well, as they were by the same teacher. Warren Buffet  Dedication and Concentration.

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