The Anthony Robbins Organization

You may have heard and learned a bit about Anthony Robbins, a successful self-help trainer who turns millionaire, but have you already familiar with what is called as Anthony Robbins organization?

Anthony Robbins organization is an organization founded by Anthony Robbins to professionally consult and train people in need to reach their own potentials. The organization has been going for over 22 years and retaining its quality with staff member who are picked and trained by the self-help guru trainer himself, Anthony Robbins. Its clients are varied wide from prominent national leaders, world class athletes to common people who receive paychecks every month.

The mission of Anthony Robbins organization is to “unleash the power within us”. The organization offers three-fold philosophy which includes from education, entertainment and empowerment. The first, education, is meant to provide experts whose strategies can increase the quality of every level of life areas. The second, entertainment, is fulfilled when every person who walks in to any Anthony Robbins seminar get a joyous experience and lasting emotions that will help to achieve the third philosophy, to empower people in their struggle to create a momentum to achieve their goals.

Anthony Robbins himself has been named by the International Chamber of Commerce as one of top ten Outstanding People in the World. He also received some other recognitions from other institutions and magazines including American Express which chose him alongside Bill Gates, Donald Trump, and Warren Buffet as top figures their clients would choose to coach them personally.

Anthony Robbins organization holds all Robbins’ professional activities including his live seminars, books, nutritional supplements, and audio programs. The last item mentioned on the list above is listed as number one coaching audio programs of all times. Besides Anthony Robbins organization, Robbins is also involved in some other various companies such as Namale Fiji, Robbins Research International, IdeaSphere, Twinlab Corporation, EOS International, and Rebus Publishing.

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