Share Quotes : 3 Mistakes People Make About George Soros and Gold

George Soros. To know which way to go and the way to do things is always very important. Knowing the details of the best way to do it is also important. Nevertheless, this is only part of the picture, it is necessary, although not sufficient. You also need to really know what to avoid, what mistakes to avoid. The best way to achieve this is to discover, make the mistakes others so that you avoid that this very error.

For investments in gold such as George Soros, the same applies. There are a number of people who are there to be successful. You want a be it as someone who makes the error and not against it. Here then are the three major mistakes that people, after they made the investment in gold as George Soros to make the start.

Number 1 Mistakes

Do not misunderstand what George Soros says of gold. The reason that this is very important to most investors misunderstand his words. To avert this problem, break his actual statements. For example, he said: “Gold is the only real bull market, it currently has a new high yesterday In the present circumstances, that can continue, I called gold the ultimate bubble, it may be even higher, but it certainly is not safe and… It will not last forever. “

Some interpret that mean that gold to burst a bubble, but that’s not what he said.

Number 2 Mistakes

Analyze Soros’ Gold stocks and not his words. Soros currently holds $ 897,558,000 or 18% of a total 5.085 billion U.S. dollars under management in gold. The gold ETF (GLD) is 71% of his gold-exposure (633 million U.S. dollars) and its largest gold-bearing position with $ 90,000,000 NovaGold .. This is usually a very important factor that people’s wallets with her voice. If Soros was sound the alarm about gold, why should allocate its funds 18% of their holdings into gold? What should you do then is focus only on its filings with the SEC. Forget what the media says.

Number 3 Mistakes

Finally, understand that might try large investors such as George Soros, talk the market to buy more gold. If you wanted to buy gold at lower prices, and you were the most famous investor on the planet you would not say all that you expect to triple the price, right? This problem is understood in cases where people do not, that the investment is a poker game and sometimes experienced investors about their positions bluffing. The best way to stay away from this focus on the SEC instead of the media reports.

They avoid studying these ideas of investor George Soros on errors and gold stocks and carefully. Alternatively, as above to do for it to do properly instructed. Much better results will then be your reward!

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