Bill Gates Biography : Fourteen Years on the Top of the World

Bill Gates Biography

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Biography. Nobody succeeded in throwing Bill Gates from his first position of the richest billionaire in Forbes Magazine’s version for fourteen years from 1994 to 2009.

However, everything has an end. Last year he stepped down to the second place giving his place to Carlos Slim. Yet, he is still a powerful billionaire whom many people admire and one of the greatest philanthropists who just donated $30Billion of his wealth to his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and initiated the Giving Pledge, a commitment among world’s billionaires to donate at least half of their wealth to charity programs. Bill Gates first listed in Forbes’ 400 billionaires in 1987 only days before his 32 birthday.

William Henry “Bill” Gates III (born October 28, 1955) is an American business magnate, philanthropist, author, and is chairman of Microsoft, the software company he founded with Paul Allen.

Bill Gates Biography

Bill Gates Biography :
The Riches Man in the world from 1994 – 2009

Bill Gates Biography in 1987Bill Gates Biography. Bill Gates first listed in Forbes’ 400 billionaires in 1987 only days before his 32 birthday. With $56 billion of wealth, Bill Gates comes second in the 2011 richest men list. Bumped down by Carlos Slim in March 2010, he might have still been crowned the richest man if he had not donated $30 billion of his wealth for charity. Also known as the greatest philanthropist in the world, Gates has been touring three continents with his best friend Warren Buffet to convince people to give their fortunes for a greater purpose. A question may then arise, how come someone become that rich and successful?

As it was destined to be a genius multi-billionaire, young Bill Gates already found his life passion in computer when he was 13. Spending much of his time writing simple programs on a General Electric computer afforded by Mothers Club in his school, young Gates had set his foot on the field which would bring him fame and fortune later in his life.

Soon his administrators became aware of his extraordinary programming skill and assigned him to write programs for class scheduling for students. He happily accepted the assignment and wrote the program to his benefit of being put in classes with female majority. Graduated from Lakeside School, Gates continued his study to prestigious Harvard College in 1973. In this place he met Steve Ballmer, a long time friend whom then succeeded him as Microsoft’s CEO.

Bill Gates Biography : Education

During his college years, Gates saw the release of MITS Altair on Intel 8080 CPU and thought that it was a good opportunity to start his own company. Together with Paul Allen, his Lakeside School friend, and supported by his parents, Gates founded Microsoft in 1975. After working on the promised Altair emulator for few next weeks, they successfully won a partnership contract with MITS.

Bill Gates Biography : Microsoft

Gates and Allen told Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems that they have a BASIC interpreter for the platform to attract MITS’s attention even though they had not made any at that time.


In 1976, Microsoft became independent and went solo until 1980 when it walked into a project with IBM. Microsoft created an operating system for IBM and delivered it as PC-DOS. The success of MS-DOS then made Microsoft as a notable company in the software industry.

Microsoft has a company restructuring in 1981 which made Bill Gates as the President of Microsot and chairman of the Board. In 1985, Microsoft launched its first Microsoft Windows’s retail version. In August that year, Microsoft once again sealed a deal with IBM to develop an OS called OS/2.

Bill Gates was known as being distant to others and a harsh manager in accepting other people’s presentations. He would attack someone’s proposal until he was fully convinced. Gates stayed with the company he built from scratch as CEO until 2000 when he passed the stick to Steve Ballmer. From its first founding in 1975 to 2006, Microsoft had Gates as the person who was in charge of company’s product strategy. In 2006, he decided to pass the role to his successors, Ray Ozzie for day-to-day management and Craig Mundie for long-term product strategy.

For most of his time in Microsoft, Gates took part as manager and executive. However, he was involved in software developing for the early years of Microsoft. Gates also appeared in some of Microsoft advertisements in 2008. He starred the ads with Jerry Seinfeld, an American stand-up comedian and television producer which is known for his situation comedy Seinfeld.

Bill Gates Biography : Bill Gates Foundation

Since his retirement in 2006, Bill Gates focuses more on his philanthropic works with his wife Melinda whom together with him established Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates claimed that he received a great influence from John D. Rockefeller, another America’s greatest philanthropic whom he met several times with his father. His wife Melinda also urged people to follow the example of Salwen family who sold their house and gave away half of its value for charity.

Bill Gates Biography Video

Gates has been listed in most influential persons in various magazines and received honorary degrees from various universities around the world. The most prestigious one would be the honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) title ordered by Queen Elizabeth II in 2005. Bill Gates Biography.

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