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For you who think that Anthony Robbins products are motivational only books, audio, and video, you may want to think again. Anthony Robbins is not an ordinary motivator and self-help coach. His products are not only motivational methods sold in form of books, audio tapes, and videos. He definitely stretches his products more than those psychological self-help products.

One thing that distinguished Robbins from other conventional self-help coaches is that he believes that health is also the main factor of self-esteem boost. Therefore, he also promotes healthy life, helps people to lose weight and achieve balanced life, and launches a health product called Inner Balance which he created together with Stacey J. Bell, PhD, a former Harvard nutritionist.

Inner Balance is a line of health products which help people to revitalize, rejuvenate, and restore crucial elements in life. The products are made with 100% natural products and free of gluten, yeast, peanut, and the most importantly, artificial hormone.

Here is the list of all Anthony Robbins products, including his books, audio tapes, DVDs, and compilations.

Anthony Robbins Products Books:
Unlimited Power
Unlimited Power Audiobook
Awaken the Giant Within
Giant Steps

Tape/CD Sets:

  • Time of Your Life
  • Get the Edge
  • Personal Power I Classic
  • Personal Power II The Driving Force
  • Unlimited Power Home Study Course
  • Unlimited Power Personal Training System
  • Living Health
  • PowerTalk Series I & II
  • The Body You Deserve


  • Lessons in Mastery
  • Live with Passion
  • The Power to Shape your Destiny

Available only through an Anthony Robbins & Associates Franchise:

  • Unleash the Power Within Manual
  • Power To Influence Manual
  • Strategic Influence Manual
  • Breakthrough to Excellence! Manual
  • Breakthrough to Mastery! Manual
  • Breakthrough to Synergy! Manual
  • and others

Robbins/Mandese DVDs:

  • Reclaiming Your True Identity
  • Negotiating Conflicts
  • Conquering Overwelming Loss
  • 3 more available Sept 2005

Anthony Robbins Products Health Products (vitamin supplements):

Inner Balance

Hopefully the list of products above can help you in finding which Anthony Robbins products that are suited best for you.

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