Anthony Robbins Divorce

Anthony Robbins divorce is surprisingly one of the most searched topics in the internet. Anthony Robbins, the controversial name in the world of motivator and self-help coach, turns out to attract people in his personal life also. There is actually no need to wonder since he is always a celebrity himself though not many people seem aware of.

Being a popular self-help coach, Robbins hit the popular business industry with his successful self-help books best sellers and TV infomercials and number one audio books of all time. He is also, not to many people knowledge, befriended to notable and famous figures such as Andre Agassi, Michael Douglas, and Quincy Jones which much or less contributed to his popularity in popular world. There are also other famous people names such as Princess Diana and Nelson Mandela who are associated to his name. These and his fortune are enough to put him on the top of celebrities list.

Anthony Robbins divorce was, to be honest, quite shocking, especially for old fans who haven’t been following the news for a while. As it is known, Robbins had been married for almost 15 years to Becky, his dearly former wife who was also an important role key to the success of his career. Becky was practically on his side and appeared in many of his tapes to show support. Still that did not seem to be able to prevent the divorce in 1997.

Surely this divorce was a big challenge for Robbins’ career since many fans were upset with his decision. Not only it contradicted his teaching in his books and tapes, it was also ironic since he used to use his marriage as an example in many of his teachings. He used to refer to his marriage to show that happy and long lasting marriage could actually exist. With this unexpected divorce, you may think how things looked like at that time.

Today, Anthony Robbins is happily married to Bonnie Humphrey, also known as Sage Robbins. Sage is a no less supportive wife than Becky was. And this time, hopefully, there will be no part 2 of Anthony Robbins divorce.

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