Anthony Robbins Biography

For you who have not known who Anthony Robbins is, then you can read Anthony Robbins biography here. Anthony Robbins is an American motivator and success self-help author. He is basically a prodigy in self-help business and a very influentional speaker in the self-help industry. His main influences are neuro-linguistic programming and conventional positive thinking.

Anthony Robbins was born as Anthony Jay Mahavorick in 1960. He was not a man of fortune then and always dreamed of becoming a rich man who lived in a luxurious mansion. His dream came true when his career took off in 1984. He bought Del Mar Castle for $1,7 millions and sold it for $3.25 millions four years later.

Robbins started his career as promoter for Jim Rohn. To him, Rohn is his mentor who taught him everything, including the essential thought that nobody can do us any good and make us happy other than ourselves. The quality of our lives determined no other than ourselves with the things that we do.

After gaining enough experience by working for Jim Rohn, Robbins started to make his own career by being a self-help coach. This is the point where Anthony Robbins biography took a turning point. He worked with a partner, John Grinder, in teaching neuro-linguistic programming. Later his career really took off with his success in pop world through his best selling books and TV infomercials. He gained a lot of public recognition and lucrative sales from his books and infomercials which brought him to the man he is today.

In 1991, Anthony Robbins founded the Anthony Robbins Foundation. Its cause is to help students and prisoners all across the country through food drives and a series of learning programs. Its official website records that there are over 2,000 schools, 700 prisons, and 100,000 human service organizations which work together with the foundation. A remarkable record to be added to Anthony Robbins biography.

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